In the Spotlight: Joan Smith

I had been meditating regularly with TM for many years, when Larry, a friend of my husband’s, dropped by to loan me a cassette tape he thought I would like. It was a tape of Master Charles’ music which Larry had purchased many years before. I DID like the music! In fact, I couldn’t get enough of it. Some months later, I saw an ad for Synchronicity in Yoga Magazine, and some months after that, I called Synchronicity and started their meditation program. Finally, in 1999, I overcame my hesitation, surrendered to the inner pull, and flew out to Virginia for an October retreat.

The feeling of the Sanctuary gripped me. It was peaceful and welcoming, and the staff was open and authentic. I enjoyed my fellow attendees. Most importantly, during the evening meetings, I experienced the presence of Master Charles and got a hint that he was indeed masterful.

It’s neither easy nor inexpensive to get from Helena, Montana to Charlottesville, Virginia, but I was hooked. I began attending retreats as often as I could. I’ve had ecstatic experiences both during retreats and after returning home. There was no faith involved in my growing devotion to Master Charles; there was nothing to believe. I knew from experience that something powerful and wonderful was happening.

I began facilitated mentoring about 14 years ago, first with Alan, then with Phil. That program has greatly facilitated and accelerated my progress. In my journey, I have sometimes felt as though I were slogging through mud. But I have had all the insightful, powerful assistance I could possibly need. I am freer now than I have ever been, and there is no end in sight!