In the Spotlight: Joanne Callahan

In 2008, after seeing a presentation at a large entrepreneurial business conference, I decided to try meditation again.  My goal was to seek the deep inner peace I needed to accept what was looming in my not-too-distant future.  My husband, 25 years my senior, was aging and reaching the last years of his life.

I had tried meditation in the past but was not successful.  However, my dear friend Mary Cowley introduced me to Synchronicity High Tech Meditation and I began the Recognitions Program.  I was delighted that I could begin, but could not commit to coming to a retreat due to my care-giving responsibilities.

I had participated in the Recognitions program for about 2.5 years when an opportunity to come to a Stillpointe Retreat opened up for me just about two weeks before the program started.  This was in October 2013, not even two years ago.  I got the last room available.

I arrived late and, when I walked into the program already in progress, tears began streaming down my face.  I felt I had come home.  I immersed myself in all the recommended protocols and felt love and peace increase with each passing day
Then on Thursday, the night of the Blessed Mother empowerment meditation, my life changed forever.  The intensity of love and peace from Master Charles and the presence of the Blessed Mother  were transformative.  I could literally feel the change in every cell in my body.  I knew at that moment I would never be the same.

I left on Saturday, thinking, “ How can I maintain this level of love and peace?  When can I come back?”

When I arrived home, I was able to share intense love and peace with my husband.  He made his transition the following week.  I feel so grateful to have been able to experience that peace and love, prior to his passing.  I was able to be at peace with the process and change in my life, and all of the changes that have evolved since that time.

That first time, I was transformed.  Now I am working on living that path with Master Charles’s guidance. I have just recently progressed from Facilitated Mentoring to Direct Mentoring with him and feel so blessed to have this opportunity to have direct contact and the teaching of a living master spiritual teacher.