In the Spotlight: John Slicker

John Slicker

I visited the Synchronicity booth at a Whole life Expo in New York City around 1995, and heard Master Charles give a brief talk.

I was intrigued, bought the cassettes and mailed some to my father, Joe. He got into them and started attending retreats.  Meanwhile, I continued searching until (fast forward 10 years) Joe asked if I would help him by joining him at a retreat as he was having some challenges getting around.

I started attending retreats with Joe and initially thought I was going for him.  I found I had difficulty listening to a soundtrack while meditating as I had an orthodox view that one meditates in silence while following the breath.

Eventually I let go and allowed the soundtrack to take me deep into meditation and bliss. Over the last 10 years I’ve found myself getting lighter and enjoying a willingness to be with and allow what is in love and acceptance.

Master Charles’ counsel through the Mumbai terrorist events, the passing of my dear Mom, Anne, and that of my beloved dog has been invaluable. I would describe my experience as a progression from seeking, to finding that which never changes.

In Gratitude, John Slicker