In the Spotlight: Kerry Skurski

I have been involved with Master Charles and Synchronicity for many years and my resulting exploration of spirituality,meditation and holistic lifestyle has been the most fulfilling of my life.

In 2007 I was diagnosed with a terminal disease. After my diagnosis, I sat contemplating my life and realized that the most truthful experiences I had had were those with Master Charles and my meditations. In that moment, I made a commitment to my soul to be available for its fulfillment and mission. As a result, in addition to being more committed to meditation and developing my holistic lifestyle, I became involved with facilitated mentoring.

I tell many people that one of the main reasons I am still in physical form is because of the rapid evolutionary growth I have experienced in this program, which has helped me to be available to life, even in difficult times, and to choose to take inspired action as I evolve.

The love and dedication I have received from Master Charles and the facilitatorshave helped me develop a truthful foundation for my life, and I am eternally grateful for their assistance. With a deepened understanding of truthful experience, I continue to move forward …Yes!