In the Spotlight: Mary Cowley

Mary began meditating the modern way in February of 2006, but was discontent with the irregularity of her practice. Thinking it would either kick-start her practice or demonstrate this meditation system wasn't for her, she registered for a Stillpointe retreat, and never looked back. “The holistic power at the retreats is so profound that it feels like each one has the evolutionary impact of a lifetime or two,” Mary said.

She began personal mentoring with Master Charles Cannon in December of 2012, and considers it to be the smartest, most valuable decision she ever made. "To be with the Master every month in this way, focusing on where my feet are, and receiving his empowerment for where they're going, is the highlight of my life. I'm free now from taking my stories seriously. And I'm happy for no reason!"

As a Synchronicity Certified Teacher, Mary facilitates a weekly High-Tech Meditation group and is often surprised at the power of the experience. When she is out of town, her daughter Julie, also a Synchronicity Certified Teacher, takes over. Mary’s husband, Jim, attended his first Synchronicity retreat in March of this year.

Mary has a doctorate in psychology, and enjoys using Thought Field Therapy (TFT--the original "tapping" energy therapy) as a balancing and transformational tool for herself and others.