In the Spotlight: Rosalba Altieri

rosalba 2

Master Charles Cannon visited Cancún in 2010 and a very good friend of mine invited me to meet him.At that time I was practicing another type of meditation, having jumped from one to another for 20 years. When my friend asked me to go and listen to Master Charles I said “No thank you. I’ve had enough of jumping from one meditation to another, from one school to another, from one master to another.”

Later that same year,my friend called again and told me she had started practicing Synchronicity High-Tech Meditation and that it was completely different from anything we had tried before. She wanted me to join her, along with her partner and sister to attend a retreatin August at this beautiful sanctuary called Synchronicity.

She explained that this was modern spirituality and that Master Charles was an authentic spiritual master teaching us balance in everything. This time I said“YES!”

The moment I arrived at the Sanctuary, I knew there was going to be something special for me there, in such a beautiful place.I loved the program, the food, the people, and when I met Master Charles I just experienced a kind of love I had never felt before.

I stayed in a lovely room at the Hermitage which I called the magic room because one night after I returned from a High-Tech Empowerment with Master Charles I went out to the terrace. It was a clear and beautiful night, and suddenly I saw a bright white light in the woods and felt what I called an amazing awakening.

The next morning I told my good friend Luis Xavier about the white light in the woods. He didn't say anything, but took me to the Peace of Mind store to show me the photo of the Blessed Mother apparition. I started crying because for me she was the white light I saw the night before.

Of course I bought that picture and have it on my altar.

Since that unforgettable Retreat in August 2010, I started the Recognitions Program and returned for the Stillpointe Retreat in October. I haven't missed one since.

Now I am happy to say that I continue with Recognitions and have also joined Facilitated Mentoring. I feel grateful to Master Charles, to the wonderful people there, and to this incredible School of Modern Spirituality that keeps me in a state of peace and love most of the time. Of course the loving guidance of Master Charles has changed my life.

Now I am not searching or looking for anything as I finally know who I AM .