In the Spotlight: Vinka Clemmett

Vinka Clemment

I first heard of Master Charles in 1991 when I was living in Melbourne Australia.

I went to a few of his programs and was very moved by the unconditional love he showed to everyone. He was also very humorous and I found his 'take' on life refreshing. There was nothing stuffy or preachy about him.

It took me about 3 years to join the Recognitions program. Coming from a Catholic family I was suspicious of anything out of my familiar realm. Once I started listening to the tapes (as they were in those days) I could have kicked myself for being so stubborn and taking so long.

To say the Recognitions program transformed me would be an understatement. Awareness and aha moments came flooding in, and my way of thinking and being changed. I went from being a victim to seeing that I was creating my own mess. This gave me hope. Maybe I could create a new reality.

I have.

I laugh, I am happy, I am honest, first with myself and then with others. I have lost my fear of people, of situations and almost, of myself. I realize how powerful I am and that my thoughts truly do create my reality. I have to watch my thoughts. They transform my life, sometimes instantly!

Master Charles is an amazing teacher. I have known him for thirty years and he is always on point. His discipline and dedication to meditation and growth truly astound me.

If you want same old same old, do not listen to his music or to him. If you want radical freedom, joy, bliss and power you couldn't follow a better path. Not for the faint hearted.