New Diet and Food Plan at Synchronicity

Food-Vegan-Diet-1In a continuing effort to improve health and physical balance at Synchronicity, we now enjoy a plant-based, whole-food diet with minimum processed food. This change is based on research which supports the health and nutritional benefits associated with minimizing the intake of animal products and focusing instead on organic, locally-grown food.

Amongst the many benefits of this change are a diet which helps break food cravings for processed, sweet and fatty foods by increasing intake of those which are high-fiber and low-fat. The diet also helps boost the body's appetite-taming hormone, leptin. Synchronicity staff and community members rate the new recipes on a weekly basis and the feedback has been very positive.

Food-Vegan-Diet-2Visitors including retreat attendees can look forward to enjoying all of the benefits of the new diet when they stay at Synchronicity.

For more information see: The China Study by Colin Campbell, PhD, and Forks over Knives (the book and DVD), or Breaking the Food Seduction by Neal Barnard, MD.

Cafe lovers needn't worry. The cafe, now featuring delicious vegan versions of your favorite desserts, will still be open daily after lunch and dinner during retreats.

If you missed the October Stillpointe Retreat, plan now to Attend the Masters New Year Empowerment Retreat December 29, 2012 to January 1, 2013.