Now Available: The Quantum Brain Retreat

quantum brain 2

Synchronicity Foundation is pleased to announce a powerful new personal retreat -- The Quantum Brain Retreat -- a precision, customized-just-for-you experience that will assist you in moving to the next level in your evolutionary process using our new, leading-edge NeuroField technology.

During your personal retreat, your facilitators will help you fine-tune your holistic lifestyle and high-tech meditation practice based on your unique brainwave profiles.  This level of precision is very time-intensive and not available during any of our other retreats. With the Quantum Brain Retreat, all the facilitators involved in the retreat (including the NeuroField meditation specialist) will be able to devote the time required to focus and adjust your sessions to achieve the greatest possible benefit.

Synchronicity Foundation is a pioneer in the use of NeuroField technology for meditation enhancement and integration. The Quantum Brain Retreat is available beginning in July of 2015. Your participation in this personal retreat will precisely define “where your feet are” in your High-Tech Meditation® and Holistic Lifestyle experience and enhance the progressive evolution of your consciousness.