October Stillpointe Retreat and Yagna Coming in October

buddhaPlan now to attend the next Stillpointe Retreat and Yagna, October 21-28. If you have attended one of these events, you know it is Synchronicity's most impactful retreat which is available to Recognitions participants only. A daily highlight of the retreat are the Stillpointe meditation sessions with Master Charles at the deepest levels of the Synchronicity technology. The time-honored experience of meditation with the master is a sourceful entrainment designed to deliver maximum impact.

The retreat also includes a six-day Yagna (Sacred Fire Ritual) from India's ancient spiritual tradition. This powerful combination of ancient and modern spiritual technologies offers an unprecedented opportunity for holistic awareness and subtle-dimensional actualization.

The cost is $1495, which includes 7 nights lodging and delicious meals. Register now and enjoy a 10% early bird discount available only until September 1st.

To learn more about this special retreat, contact us at 757-644-3400 or visit the Retreats section of our website. http://www.synchronicity.org/retreats-events/stillpointe-retreat-and-yagna.