One Life Alliance India

AvnitKaurOLAAmbassadorKia Scherr just returned from another trip to India where she continues to promote the One Life Alliance message of the sacredness of life. One of many ongoing projects is at the Millennium School in Meerut India where, on the 23rd of July, students took the pledge facilitated by OLA Ambassador Avnit Kaur.

Two hundred students, along with their teachers, pledged to give an affirmative response to the negation of life, therefore participating in the leading edge of this new paradigm which inspires us to awaken from the habitual sleepwalk of separation and isolation.

As the Millennium family joins thousands of others in the practices of this 30-day pledge, they will begin to experience what it means to truly awaken to the love, compassion and peace arising from the truth that we are all one.