One Life Alliance October 2014

Kia OLA October 2014

Last month Kia was honored in India as the recipient of the Forgiveness Peacekeeper Award from The World Peacekeepers Movement (TWPM) at their Grand Peace Awards Ceremony. Tushar Gandhi, great-grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, and Dr. Huzaifa Khorakiwala, Founder of TWPM, are seen here with Kia.

TWPM has a goal of spreading world peace by creating a World Peace Army that would be the biggest army in the world--larger than the People’s Liberation Army of China. They recently reached the milestone of one million Peacekeepers, making it the 6th largest army in the world (bigger than the UN peacekeeping force).Five hundred students from colleges in Mumbai formed a human chain in the form of the Peace Symbol to help commemorate this achievement, andparticipated in the Peace Walk chanting slogans and displaying messages on Peace values.

The movement is based on the premisethat world peace can only be built on the foundation of inner peace, which can be enriched and enhanced through the 7 Peace Values – Gratitude, Forgiveness, Love, Humility, Giving, Patience and Truth.