One Life Alliance September 2014

Kia OLA September 2014

Kia is back in Mumbai for four months to work closely with Indian and British Business Groups.

She will continue to expand peace education programs with local organizations, such as the Wellness Lounge, which is dedicated to the mission of touching a million lives by 2020 with the message of wellness to oneness.

Wellness Lounge founder, Yogesh Ravindra Mathuria, will 'walk for peace' from Ahmedabad, India to Pakistan starting on Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday, October 2nd. He will return to India on the anniversary of Gandhi’s death, January 20, 2015. Kia will help launch the walk with peaceful blessings.

Kia has also been invited to speak at a Peace Festival in Pune, India on Peace Day Sept. 21st. She will receive a Forgiveness Award from The Peace Foundation founded by a major Mumbai company, Wockhardt Foundation, which owns an award-winning hospital.