Serve Study and In Residence Guests at Synchronicity

marieroycroftMarie Roycroft from New Zealand is currently staying with us on a two month serve-study sabbatical. She participated in the May Stillpointe Retreat as a guest and will be here for the Masters Day Summer Retreat. It is always a delight to have Marie with us and we are grateful for her contribution to our community.

lyndaWe also welcome Lynda Bancroft from Canada who is here with us for the first time for the one month 'In-Residence Program'. Lynda is the winner of our New Year Raffle, and the prize is a free Stillpointe Retreat. She will be returning in October to attend this program.

Lynda is having a wonderful time and says, "If you are really interested in learning about the holistic lifestyle, this is the place to be!!" We agree....... She further shared "My experience is that I have really had an opportunity to look myself in the eyes and see when I'm going into my stories and it gives me the opportunity of what path to choose. I am grateful for this opportunity under the guidance of an authentic master, Master Charles, and the resident staff to assist me to become more conscious".

Thank you Lynda, it is delightful to have you with us and to witness your flowering.