Stay Current with Master Charles’ Empowerment and Teachings

Circle of One

The best way to experience Master Charles’ empowerment and teachings is to attend an retreat at Synchronicity Sanctuary. The rest of the time, stay current by joining the Circle of One.

The Circle of One is Modern Spirituality for the Digital Age and represents the leading-edge in modern spiritual experience. It incorporates and integrates everything you need for the evolution of your consciousness with all the tools and ongoing inspiration to have an effective spiritual practice in the comfort of your own home.

“Modern Spirituality TV has brought me much joy and greater spiritual understanding. From monthly talks to Sunday Meditations to special events, my life has been enlivened with the love, wisdom and wonderful energy that Master Charles imparts.” Bob Sherwood
“To someone new to Modern Spirituality TV, I would say that they can gain insight and peace, from just a few moments of browsing through the website. When I need a balance break and I'm on the computer, I click in and enjoy a holistic experience.” Alicia Anderson

The Circle of One has one purpose – harnessing technology for the evolution of consciousness—and includes Modern Spirituality TV, the online video platform containing current and archived videos of Master Charles Cannon and Synchronicity Certified Teachers with new videos added monthly along with live monthly Sunday Morning Meditations and weekly contemplations. Regular webcasts and live interactive on-line events are free to Circle of One members. Members also enjoy free access to all seven courses at the School of Modern Spirituality and receive discounts on products including the Recognitions Program. Click for more information and to join the Circle of One now.