Sunday Morning Meditation - News Update

"Sunday Morning Meditation with Master Charles" has moved to Modern Spirituality TV.

We will continue to webcast one free Sunday Morning Meditation with Master Charles on the first Sunday of each month. Subsequent weekly programs will be available only to Modern Spirituality TV subscribers.

Subscribe to Modern Spirituality TV and receive the following every month:

  • A Feature Presentation with Master Charles Cannon
  • Questions and Answers with Master Charles Cannon
  • A Contemplation for the Week with Master Charles Cannon
  • Staff Wakefulness Presentations and Interviews
  • Every weekly Sunday Morning Meditation
  • AND, for no extra charge, special webinars, such as the recent Forgiving the Unforgivable.

You will receive an unprecedented amount of modern spiritual content featuring Master Charles Cannon each month when you join Modern Spirituality TV. If you are not a subscriber, we wholeheartedly suggest you join our rapidly growing list of highly satisfied viewers.

For the committed Synchronicity Associate, being part of Modern Spirituality TV is an evolutionary necessity. Without it, you are missing the grandest of opportunities to maximize your spiritual growth.