Sync PH 3.0 - New and Improved

Upgrade your Sync PH Sonic technology soundtracks to our new 3.0 versions.

SynchPh-BLiss-150Sync PH Sonic technology remains one of the most impactful and popular holistic balancing products offered by Synchronicity Foundation. Master Charles Cannon, co-creator of Sync PH with Pranahigh LLC, says there's no better complementary product to Synchronicity Sonic entrainment technology based on his experience. Vast numbers of Synchronicity Associates have taken his recommendation and are in complete agreement.

Sync PH 3.0 represents the first major upgrade in this holistic technology since version 2.0, which was released in March 2011. Version 3.0 upgrade enhances and extends the holistic balancing effects of the entire Sync PH product line. For those of you who choose to stay right on the leading edge of advancing holistic technology, you will want to consider upgrading your Sync PH soundtracks to the new 3.0 technology. If you cannot upgrade, rest assured that your current Sync PH 2.0 technology is still very good and far ahead of any other product on the market.

Master Charles Cannon highly recommends Golden High 3.0 for meditation, Euphoria 3.0 for day-time use, Energy Flow 3.0 for exercise, and our new product, Bliss 3.0, that has a Golden High effect plus the benefits of Kratom—a mood enhancer and stress reliever. Many Synchronicity users like White Light for healing and Big 3 and Big 12 for energetic balance and a sense of well-being and bliss. In fact, Synchronicity Associates find benefits in every one of the Sync PH Sonic entrainment products.

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