Gratitude... Sponsors of Synchronicity's Renewal and Abundance Yagna

We thank and acknowledge the many sponsors of Synchronicity's Special Renewal and Abundance Yagna celebrated August 18, 2012. This Yagna was held as a fundraiser to offset the cleanup costs incurred when storms swept through the Sanctuary, seriously damaging the forest. A significant part of the cost of restoring Synchronicity Sanctuary to its pristine condition has been actualized through your support.

Sponsorship of a Yagna is more than just financial support. It represents a personal intention that connects with the positive dominant field created by the Sacred Fire Ritual. Thus, the sponsor greatly benefits in ways that reflect the effect of the positive dominant field in his / her life. It is a great blessing to be able to participate in a Yagna through sponsorship.

In addition, the Sanctuary provides an empowering environment, and your contributions directly connect you to the transformational experience that unfolds in the many who visit. This is the time-honored Universal Law of Attraction at work -- what you give to another, you likewise give to yourself.

The Yagna is performed every Sunday and participation via financial sponsorship is always available.

We thank the many who participated in this special fundraising Yagna and honor their contribution in the restoration of the beauty of Synchronicity Sanctuary.

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