Synchronicity School of Modern Spirituality

school-model-1Starting August 1st the Synchronicity School of Modern Spirituality will offer the first three courses of the new seven course curriculum, Introduction to Modern Spirituality, the Holistic Model of Reality, and High-Tech Meditation.

Each of these sequential courses is a pre-requisite for the one that follows. By offering an additional program each month students can continue in the sequence without a delay. Eventually all seven courses will be ongoing every month.

Starting in September we will offer the first three courses plus Course Four (Holistic Lifestyle) for those ready to move on.

In addition, students can enroll in Recognitions or upgrade to the next level by visiting the School website. All of the Recognitions resources such as affirmations and explanations of the monthly themes are available there. Students can also pose questions to facilitators by visiting the Recognitions section of the School website.

To peruse the School of Modern Spirituality, or to enroll in Recognitions or one of our online courses visit