Synchronicity School of Modern Spirituality - December Update

Course 6 in Synchronicity’s School of Modern Spirituality’s popular curriculum, "The Socratic Process of Conflict Resolution" began December 1st. Course Six teaches students how to disempower the illusory stories about who we are and what life is.

Both students and faculty are enjoying the school's comprehensive content as it unfolds in each succeeding course starting with the first one, "Introduction to Modern Spirituality". Presented by Master Charles Cannon, the Introduction Course is the foundation course in the curriculum.

If you have completed Courses 1-5 (Introduction to Modern Spirituality, The Holistic Model of Reality, High-Tech Meditation, The Holistic Lifestyle, and The Mind-field and Heart-field), you are eligible to register for Course 6.

Each course is a pre-requisite for the one that follows and very soon all seven courses will be ongoing every month. Students can also enroll in The Recognitions Program, upgrade to the next level, or pose questions to facilitators by visiting the school website. All Recognitions resources, such as affirmations and explanations of the monthly themes, are available there.

To peruse the School of Modern Spirituality, or to enroll in Recognitions or in one of our online courses, Click Here.