The Modern Spirituality and Hatha Yoga Retreat at Synchronicity Sanctuary

YogaClassTransformation... The Modern Spirituality and Hatha Yoga Retreat has begun at Synchronicity Sanctuary. Guests from the United States and Mexico are attending this intensive three-week program.

The principle teachers are Master Charles Cannon, founder of Synchronicity Foundation for Modern Spirituality and Marcos Jassan of Om Yoga.

The Modern Spirituality component of the retreat features Master Charles Cannon and Synchronicity Staff Certified Teachers presenting Yoga and Modern Spirituality, including High-Tech Meditation and Holistic Lifestyle-leading to certification as a Synchronicity High-Tech Meditation Teacher.

The Hatha Yoga component is directed by Marcos Jassan of Mexico City. Marcos is internationally acknowledged as a yoga authority. The intense training course covers all aspects of Hatha Yoga required for certification as a teacher. The program is supported by an Ayurvedic diet to facilitate balance.

The retreat is unique in that it includes Modern Spirituality in the core training of Hatha Yoga.