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Synchronicity® International

Synchronicity® is a global community with trained teachers and active participants all over the world. This culturally diverse group demonstrates the oneness we all share as we celebrate Unity in Diversity with meditation as the universal language.

Synchronicity® Around the World

  • Mexico

    Synchronicity México is a community dedicated to the upliftment of mankind through the creation of deep, personal and group experiences that integrate the best of our culture with Synchronicity Technologies. Synchronicity’s High-Tech Meditation® is the original and still the best sonic technology for deep meditative states and whole-being alignment. We teach a practical Holistic Lifestyle™ that brings coherent balance of body, mind and spirit.

    With our outreach foundation, Medita México, we bring free meditation to more than 1500 children in different schools, 6 hospitals and communities. Through the design of our High-Tech Meditation® Rooms, we also bring the experience of balance, wholeness and fulfillment to corporations and offices.

  • Australia

    Synchronicity Australia, located in Melbourne, offers Synchronicity’s High-Tech Meditation® and ongoing facilitation for both beginning and experienced meditators.

    Free weekly meditation sessions are held in the St. Kilda East area. All levels of meditation experience are welcome. These sessions are hosted by a trained Synchronicity High-Tech Meditation® teacher with many years of experience and provide a great opportunity to meet like-minded people and get to know more about the Synchronicity Experience.

    Our Melbourne Center also provides support and facilitation for participants enrolled in The Synchronicity Recognitions Program. 

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Start Meditating

  • Transcendence Meditation Program

    The Transcendence Experience

    Free 10-Day Trial, High-Tech Meditation®

    A gentle hand on the path, the Synchronicity Transcendence Program® is a unique, incremental program of daily meditation. Designed for beginners and current meditators, it utilizes precision Synchronicity® Sonic Technology to create positive changes and well-being at the deepest levels of your personality. We recommend combining it with Holistic Lifestyle® practices for maximum benefits.

    Let your experience speak.

  • Pure Drop Meditation Program

    Pure Drop 15-Minute Meditator

    Free High-Tech Meditation® Soundtrack

    A meditation experience in just 15 minutes!

    A Pure Drop of calm for an easy meditation that leaves you feeling relaxed. Put on your headphones or earbuds, then push "Play" and listen. You'll also receive a series of informative emails on meditation.

    Experience it for yourself!