7D Copper Compression Socks (M/F) – S/M

7D Copper Compression Socks (M/F) – S/M

There are meridian points in the feet that correspond to every area of the human body. Bring balance to your day with every step. Literally walk on a cushion of 7th dimension technology.

– Improves venous blood flow.

– Helps prevent varicose veins – Stimulates oxygen delivery to muscles.

– Prevents lactic acid production and cramping.

– Keeps your feet dry and minimizes blisters. – Provides for full range of motion and joint flexibility.


GRADUATED COMPRESSION – 15-20 mmHg compression

Enhances blood-circulation through strong and balanced compression at the ankle and gradually decreasing compression moving upward. Progressive compression reduces the chances of lactic-acid accumulation. Better blood-flow = better performance and faster recovery. Alleviates muscle fatigue resulting from physical activities or standing or sitting for long periods of time.

Color: Black Size – Small/Medium