7D Crop Circle Bracelet, Leather, Adjustable

7D Crop Circle Bracelet, Leather, Adjustable

The first known depiction of a “crop circle” was seen in a news pamphlet in 1678. Exactly how they are formed remains a mystery to date. Among many alleged explanations, some claim hoaxes while others speculate about UFO’s. Whether they are inter dimensional communications, messages from non-terrestrial beings, anomalous natural occurrences, or man made creations, their intricate geometric designs are an iconic symbol that continues to represent all that is mysterious in our universe.

Item Specifics: 9 inches long with 3 option snaps Fits 5.5 to 7.5 inches wrists (12 to 19 cm)

Antique brass plating 1 inch wide made of alloy zinc (lead and nickel free)

Made of brown genuine leather