Grace - Perfume or Perfume Oil

Grace - Perfume or Perfume Oil


Grace - Perfume & Perfume Oil ... Fragrances for the Meditative Lifestyle.

Contains: Black Musk & Amber Liquid Superior (spray also contains perfumer’s alcohol).

Bestowing grace to all those who wear this scent, this penetrating blend of sultry amber notes and mysteriously sensual black musk is a smoldering combination and one of our all-time favorite blends. It is perfectly balanced, being both yin and yang in its qualities by nature. It is warm with its robust, deep, rich earthy tones and is cool with a velvety-smooth lightness, the combination of which brings a deep sense of balance. This blend helps to stay grounded and calm as its effortless grace carries its wearer into the higher chakra centers, bestowing a very blissful, meditative effect.