The Recognitions Program

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Living the Holistic Lifestyle
Meditating the High-Tech Way

Recognitions is an at-home program of inspiration, education and High-Tech Meditation for actualizing modern spiritual experience in daily life.

The most expansive level of Synchronicity digital technology is only available in the Recognitions Program. This is the leading - edge of the High-Tech Meditation experience.

Because of its impact, facilitation is required and included – the support and guidance of an experienced and qualified coach – which is an integral part of the Recognitions Program.

The Recognitions Program also provides inspiration and education in the philosophic principles of modern spirituality which support the experience of living the Holistic Lifestyle and Meditating the High-Tech Way.

The Recognitions Program is modern spirituality in the digital age. It is the harnessing of technology for the evolution of consciousness.


All proceeds from sales go to benefit the Non-Profit Synchronicity Foundation.

Video Testimonials for High-Tech Meditation

The Structure of the Recognitions Program

The Recognitions Program is now available online in our School of Modern Spirituality. It consists of eight consecutive phases of six months each that include progressive deepening of your High-Tech Meditation experience through precision audio soundtracks. The outcome is both the development of a balanced Holistic Lifestyle and an experiential and intellectual understanding of your personal process as well as of Modern Spirituality.

Monthly Recognitions Facilitation

The Recognitions Program includes monthly facilitation with trained facilitators. Recognitions Facilitators have many years of experience practicing Synchronicity High-Tech Meditation and living the Holistic Lifestyle. These monthly dialogues, in the form of individual and group facilitation, validate changing experience in ways not possible on one's own. Questions are welcomed and specific guidance is provided with a theme for each month. As the meditative experience deepens and personal clarity increases, participants tend to see positive changes in all aspects of their lives.

The Recognitions Program also offers something that is not available in any other technology-based meditation system--the empowerment of a master spiritual teacher.

In the Recognitions Program you will:

  • Meditate regularly with the provided High-Tech Meditation soundtracks.
  • Practice the Holistic Lifestyle.
  • Study Modern Spirituality and the Holistic Model of Reality.
  • Reflect on your experience.
  • Address your questions and concerns in monthly facilitation.

All in all, the Recognitions Program is a tool for
spiritual growth that is profound and fulfilling.

Read what participants from all over the world have to say:

blockquote startThe Recognitions Program came into my life when I was ready to embrace a meditation practice again. I was curious about the promise that the Synchronicity soundtracks "meditate you". I had struggled with a busy mind and no real direction in my meditation attempts. The Recognitions Program solved that dilemma. Meditation has become much easier. Yes, I still have to put headphones on and stay alert, but the technology is entraining my brain into more balance and I have seen the effects in my life. I have become calmer, more accepting and loving and life is not as serious as it used to be. The guidance that I receive through my connection with Master Charles Cannon is invaluable and profound. RK

 blockquote start I am on Recognitions - Phase Three and although I am not really noticing anything special during my meditations, I noticed that at times out of the blue I seem to be in a transcended or translucent state of mind. At that time, it seems that nothing existing in my outer world is real or of any importance. There is a moment of inner laughter and joy. Then it comes back from being really real to me thinking, believing it to be real. IB 

 blockquote start  I was listening to the meditation soundtrack, while at the same time mentally reciting a mantra. All of a sudden, it was like a veil lifted, and the world utterly disappeared. There were no forms, bodies, or anything - only formless clarity and infinite Consciousness. When I finally came back to awareness of my body, I realized that I had been perfectly still for nearly three hours, almost as though my body locked in place during this time. I am not even sure if I was breathing. What I do know is that for weeks after, there was a spiritual elation that would not go away, and the world seemed pervaded with sweetness. Everything is different now. SB  

 blockquote start The Recognitions Program is for those who want to earnestly follow the path of meditation. This is not for one who only wants calmness and lower blood pressure, although meditation does help with that. Recognitions is for the person that wishes to realize the benefits that come from daily practice of meditation and a balancing lifestyle. My experience over the years and continuing today is that this meditation program works! It greatly assists me in going far into the fruits of meditation in a much shorter time frame than traditional non-technological meditation. I highly recommend the Recognitions Program to those who wish to go far into the Play of Consciousness! CC 

How does High-Tech Meditation work in each Phase of the Recognitions Program?


High-Tech Meditation: In each phase you will receive phase-specific downloadable High-Tech Meditation soundtracks for your daily meditation practice. The first soundtrack, "Transcendence", is a musical meditation soundtrack that begins in the Alpha frequency range and slowly decelerates through Theta and into the Delta range over a thirty-minute period.

The second soundtrack, "Tranquility", is an ocean wave meditation soundtrack that remains in the Delta frequency range over the entire thirty-minute duration. Progressively deeper levels of experience are available in the Recognitions Program Phases Two - Eight, each with a duration of six months. In every subsequent level of the Recognitions Program, High-Tech Meditation technology increases whole-brain synchrony and accelerates the development of constancy in holistic awareness.

The second component to your Recognitions meditation technology, "Quiescence", is a soundtrack of ocean waves. It is designed to be played continuously while you sleep. In order to support your natural transition into sleep, there is no entrainment technology on this soundtrack.

All tracks include holistic, subliminal (non-audible) affirmations created and spoken by Master Charles Cannon. These holistic, subliminal affirmations are designed to assist in the process of creating balance through positive polarity emphasis. You find these subliminal affirmations printed in the written material at the beginning of each lesson.

To learn more about how High-Tech Meditation works visit the High-Tech Meditation page.