Shrine of the Heart Fund Raising Campaign

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A Unique Opportunity to Invest in Positive Force

The Shrine of the Heart is a sacred place within Synchronicity Sanctuary where the Blessed Mother, in apparitional manifestation, makes her appearance from time to time. Within the Shrine of the Heart, a very special Meditation Pavilion will be built in honor of the Divine Feminine archetype as represented by the Blessed Mother. It will be special because all who meditate in this place will be inspired, empowered and elevated in their experience.

A Teaching and Inspiration from Master Charles Cannon

A Universal Law in Consciousness says, "What you give is what you get." Understanding this law can change your life. We are forms of consciousness and therefore forms of energy. We work for money ... we sell our energy for money to buy things and collect the ego-driven content of life. This is investment in "negative force" because it is ego-directed. There is a way to transform ego-driven negative force into a trans-egoic positive force. It is termed "conscious investment." In conscious investment, we simply give our energy (or the money we get for selling our energy) and ask for nothing in return. This is a life-affirmative focus and generates positive force that comes back to us. An even more powerful investment in positive force is supporting an ultimate value, or holistic level of experience. Supporting the work of a master spiritual teacher for example is a time-honored investment that demonstrates ultimate spiritual value. The Shrine of the Heart -- the Blessed Mother Meditation Pavilion at Synchronicity Sanctuary -- is such an investment. Those who invest in the building of this sacred space will maximize positive force for the progressive evolution of their consciousness — beyond the lifetime of their physical form.

Visionary New Design

The visionary new structure for the Shrine of the Heart Pavilion reflects Master Charles Cannon's holistic intention as rendered by Ninón Fregoso from Arqka Biological Architecture of Mexico. The design is based on the lotus blossom -- revered for its connection to the heart -- and uses sacred geometry and natural concepts to enhance inner stillness through the interplay of technology and nature. At the very center of this sacred space will be the Divine Feminine sacred geometrical form, the Shree Yantra, symbolizing the balance point where dynamic energy movement comes to a state of absolute stillness.

The new design reflects Master Charles Cannon’s commitment to Modern Spirituality and the harnessing of technology for the evolution of consciousness and adds impetus and excitement to the growing momentum for this project.

Towards this end, we welcome additional contributions in support of this unique space dedicated to the Divine Feminine archetype.

Thank you again for your generosity and your commitment to Master Charles Cannon, the Shrine of the Heart Pavilion and your spiritual journey.

We welcome your participation at any level of contribution from a one-time investment to a customized plan that works for you over time.

To “invest” in positive force through a contribution to the Shrine of the Heart Meditation Pavilion at Synchronicity Sanctuary, contact Michelle Marsh at Synchronicity Foundation for Modern Spirituality:

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: 757-644-3400 ext 3387

You can also donate online using PayPal.

We thank the following donors:

  • Mary Icaza
    Avtar Bassin
    Lynda Bancroft
    Michael Duncan
    Desmond Clark
    Sook Yin Chung
    Peggi Sturm
    Martin Thambert
    Deborah Anderson
    Jeremy Leitch
    Andrew Russell
    Joni Raskin
    Bill Vanet

  • Chris Lober
    Timothy Kaufenberg
    John Lenz
    Abigail Seidman
    Marie Roycroft
    Cristian Garcia
    Angela Ciravolo
    Joanne Callahan
    Michelle Marsh
    Mona Kaufmann
    Bonnie Sullivan
    Martha Linn
    Cecilia LaForet

  • Horace C. Cabe Foundation
    John Slicker
    Mary Cowley
    Maryna and Constant Mews
    Donna Jett
    Phyllis Graham
    Robert Caplan
    Carol Wise
    Luis Xavier Quijano
    Bruce and Joan Smith
    Laurie Martin

  • David & Adele Roth
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    Mary Morris
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    Mohammed Alam
    Philip Duncan
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