Sync PH 3.0 Sonic Technology

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Sync PH 3.0 Sonic technology audio downloads represent the latest generation in this line of holistic energy infused soundtracks. Sync PH version 3.0, released in June 2013, is the latest upgrade since version 2.0, which was released in March 2011. Sync PH 3.0 significantly augments the entrainment technology of version 2.0. Sync PH 3.0 is a collaboration between Synchronicity and Pranahigh LLC.

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Pranahigh's highly specialized technology can be simply explained as a unique energy enhancing process through the psycho-acoustic mechanics of neutralizing and balancing negative force patterns to facilitate the release of negative cellular memory and restore holistic awareness. It combines two proven subtle energy technologies, Brainwave Entrainment and sacred geometry, to deliver an impactful product line of downloadable soundtracks. These programs are embedded with noble gases and use the beneficial frequencies of higher harmonic of gold, higher harmonic of ultraviolet and horizontal negative green for subtle healing. Furthermore, every file is powered with healing white light as the carrier wave frequency.

Synchronicity's collaboration with Pranahigh utilizes Synchronicity Sonic technology in an ocean-wave format. Thus, this collaboration is highly complementary to Synchronicity's High-Tech Meditation and Holistic Lifestyle products.

All products are available for purchase on our website for download to your computer and mobile devices. You can play these programs as you are about your daily activities and transmute stress into positive feelings, higher resonance and a quiet mind. You can play them in looped, silent / energetic mode and experience a blissful, supporting energy that envelops you. This technology helps keep you on the leading edge of your evolutionary process.

Sync PH 3.0 Sonic technology is designed to complement your Synchronicity High-Tech Meditation and Holistic Lifestyle. It is not a substitute for your Recognitions Program Meditation soundtracks, including your sleep-time Quiescence, yet can be used in combination with them.

Regarding the two collaborations downloads that are for sleep-time usage (Lights Out and Lucid Dreamer), if you are intending to experience them, they must be played in addition to Quiescence. This means you can play them on a separate system. The ideal usage would be an iPod dock in your room and the collaborations technology set on very low volume. However, because of the energetic nature of the technology you don't have to experience the audio to have the effect. Thus, with this technology, sound systems are not necessary. For example, an iPod playing in silent mode on your bedside table or under your pillow will deliver the technological effect.

All of the above principles apply to your meditation with Synchronicity High-Tech Meditation technology and Synchronicity's environmental technology, Now...The Technology.

When you are not meditating and throughout the waking hours of your day, you may experience the collaborations technology via your computer or mobile device through speakers, headphones or in silent energetic mode. If you are using the technology in addition to Now...The Technology, you will want to gradually accommodate yourself to the higher power of the collaboration technology.

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