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Developing the ability to live each day authentically happy (no matter what) is perhaps the most transformational thing any of us can do. Happiness like this transforms our personal lives and can uplift everyone we meet. Spreading happiness is an utterly practical embodiment of Gandhi’s maxim, to “be the change you wish to see in the world.” We want a happy, peaceful, world? Let’s start with being happy and peaceful ourselves. This Happiness Experiment you have just joined will give you tools, techniques, strategies and inspiration to help you do exactly that.

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Happiness-Pledge-small-small- Download your copy of The Happiness Pledge, formatted in a pdf file for easy printing. Just fill in your name and display in a prominent place (like an office wall or the side of your fridge) as a daily reminder.

- Download our 34-page Wake Up and Be Happy e-Booklet pdf file, featuring 12 Discoveries for increasing your own authentic happiness.


As Robert Holden, author of Be Happy, has said, happiness is the number one thing that everyone wants… yet we so seldom talk about it! Well, that’s changing now – all over the world - and you are part of the change.

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Welcome aboard and thank you for helping to shift humanity, one smile at a time.

The WUaBH team