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If someone could ever bottle the secret to happiness, they could get rich selling it. But they never will. No one can sell you what you already have! No one can even give you what you already have. But, you can be reminded.

That’s exactly what our free 34-page e-booklet, Wake Up and Be Happy, does. It reminds you that:

1. Being happy is natural.
2. Becoming unhappy was learned.
3. Pursuing happiness is futile.

This free e-Booklet is your guide for re-discovering what you were born with - authentic happiness. Chapters include:

Discovery #  1:  Expect to be Happy
Discovery #  2:  Proof of Happiness
Discovery #  3:  The Awakening Impulse
Discovery #  4:  The Greatest Secret Rarely Told About Happiness
Discovery #  5:  Two Kinds of Happiness
Discovery #  6:  The Truth About Meditation
Discovery #  7:  The Happiness Index
Discovery #  8:  5 Incredible Truths About You
Discovery #  9:  A Time for Heroes
Discovery # 10: The Master’s Secret
Discovery # 11: The Authentic Happiness Work Out
Discovery # 12: Surf’s Up!

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