Sign the Happiness Pledge and Take Charge of Your Happiness

Who doesn’t want to be happy?

Who wouldn’t want to discover the secret to taking charge of their own happiness?

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 Actually, it’s much easier to be happy than to become happy. You see, you already are happy. In fact, happiness is part of your nature. You were born happy; we all were. But we are very quickly educated to believe that happiness is something we must get, from wealth, relationships, success, etc.

Happiness is much easier than that. Imagine never being dependent on circumstances or other people again for your happiness.

Imagine how it would feel to know how to create your own happiness!

It starts with believing it’s possible. That’s entirely up to you. Then, you must make learning to create your own happiness a priority. Everyone is busy; who will make time to learn this skill?

If you will – and it costs absolutely nothing - then the next step is to sign The Happiness Pledge.

Happiness benefits everyone. In fact, we believe that an epidemic of happiness can change the world. Be part of this change, take The Happiness Pledge.  You will also  receive emails from Synchronicity Foundation including Happiness Tips, Teleconference notices, the Happiness Pledge PDF and become part of the Happiness Experiment.

I pledge allegiance to the truth
of happiness as my nature,
one consciousness, indivisible,
with liberty and love for all.

When you sign The Happiness Pledge you will receive a pdf file of the Pledge with room for your name, suitable for display as a constant reminder. You will also be enrolled on our Wake Up and Be Happy site and receive our free 34 page e-Booklet featuring 12 Discoveries – simple ways to create your own happiness.

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