About Us

The Authentic Happiness Experiment is sponsored by The Synchronicity Foundation, a Viriginia non-profit organization.

Master Charles CannonMaster Charles Cannon, founder and co-author of Awakening From the American Dream (publication date January 14, 2014), is a world-renowned teacher of Modern Spirituality and the originator of High-Tech Meditation.

Master Charles speaking engagements have included: the United Nations; the World Health Organization; the National Institutes of Health; Columbia, Oxford, Tel Aviv and Bombay Universities; Westminster Abbey and the Vatican.


Will wilkinsonWill Wilkinson, co-author and Director of the Wake Up and Be Happy Campaign, is a veteran collaborating writer for wisdom keepers with timely messages.

“I’m thrilled to be part of this grass roots initiative to increase authentic happiness for individuals who have families and jobs and dreams… We are empowering each other to shift humanity, one smile at a time!”



We welcome partners in our Happiness Experiment. If you have friends who would be interested, if you are an author yourself with an emailing list, if you are active on FaceBook, Twitter, and/or Linkedin, contact us for information about the many benefits of becoming part of the team.