What’s Next?

What's Next

Thank you to all our readers. My collaborating author, Will Wilkinson, and I have enjoyed writing these updates, 33 in all, each referencing a chapter in the Awakening book.

What’s next?

Awakening is not a completion; it’s more of a beginning. You woke up this morning and, following some daydreaming while your system gradually traversed that gulf from sleep to wakefulness, you got out of bed. And… your day began.

The day bears little resemblance to lying in bed. Consider this a valid example of the difference between spiritual awakening and awake living. Similarly, much like the early morning temptation to stay in bed daydreaming, there’s a tendency to prefer hanging out in a consciousness somewhere between awareness and action, lost in contemplation. Some students fear graduation, facing the world, and getting a job. Some on the spiritual path succumb to the same fear.

Today is the day. It doesn’t matter what you think about your degree of wakefulness; that’s just an opinion. The fact is that you are ready to graduate, prepared to live in a whole new way. If you have read these posts, if you have read the Awakening book, you are poised to graduate… right now.


If you’ve ever participated in an actual graduation ceremony, you know that one of the traditions is to toss hats into the air. That’s a great symbol for what I’d like you to undertake right now. Imagine that you are wearing a hat. It’s not physical; it’s conceptual. It’s an old hat… a construct of old concepts, all the old programming that has “capped” your experience in the dream world of pursuit and delusion.

Imagine grasping that hat – and each of you has your own custom job – ripping it from your head, and heaving it high in the air. Now, imagine that it never comes down, that it dissolves.

Here you stand, bareheaded, your mind open in the Socratic process we wrote about throughout the book. You’ve graduated. You know that you know nothing… and you’re ready to discover everything. You’re ready to live, awake and aware. So, what’s next?

Next, and first, is to embrace the single factor that will most help you to continue in ever expanding wakefulness – having a community of support. We provide this through Synchronicity Foundation with web services, products, and the opportunity for real time contact through retreats and classes, phone coaching and mentoring.

And, of course, there is a world full of awakening souls active in other organizations. Connecting with them and accepting them as your colleagues enables a kind of spiritual pollination that enriches us all.

Congratulations on graduating. It’s time to provide leadership for all the awakening souls who are already following closely behind you. Certainly, encourage them to read the book because it can help them the way it’s helped you, but understand that it’s no substitute for your personal mentoring, which only has value to the degree you are walking the talk.

Enjoy the road ahead and stay in touch.

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