Energy Transmuting Copper Disc - 7D Technology®

Energy Transmuting Copper Disc - 7D Technology®

These powerful discs have a deep penetrating energy field. They are highly effective at transmuting EMF, RF, and any other energetic pollution in your home, where you work, or in any area that needs a significant energetic adjustment.   

Anything that uses electricity or batteries or is simply used frequently and exposed to negative energy can benefit significantly from a 7D disc.

Uses include:

  • Put a small disc inside your cell phone case
  • Attach several large discs to the inside door of your fuse box. When the door is closed, all breaker switches should be covered by a disc.
  • Put a large disc under a power strip or surge protector. Everything plugged into it will be affected.
  • On a Computer or laptop
  • Under or attached to a WIFI router – The 7D energy will transmitted through the entire WIFI field.
  • Behind a Computer monitor
  • Put a small disc on your computer’s mouse.
  • Under a lamp or desk light
  • Inside your refrigerator or freezer, or any area where food is stored
  • Place on or under any household appliance that uses batteries or plugs in.
  • On an iPad, laptop, or tablet
  • Under a water bottle or food plate to charge and clear what you consume.
  • On negative or toxic earth grid lines or crossings
  • Use two large discs On a Power meter or smart meter
  • Keep a small disc in your pocket, purse, shoes, wallet... anywhere it fits.
  • Clear frequently used items such as eyeglasses, jewelry, crystals, and bodywork tools by placing them on a disk for as little as a few seconds or overnight.
  • On windows or mirrors

Available in 1.5 Inch (4cm), 4 Inch (10cm), and 6 Inch (15cm) discs.