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Synchronicity Foundation is a global community that actively supports and engages people through our websites, digital platforms, social media, and retreats.

  • Young Woman Teaching Meditation at Synchronicity Sanctuary

    Livestreams & Presentations

    We offer a regular weekly schedule of inspiring and engaging presentations on The Holistic Lifestyle™ (cultivating balance and wellbeing) and High-Tech Meditation® from a variety of perspectives, as well as a selection of free High-Tech Meditations.

  • Meditation Hall at Synchroncity Sanctuary

    The Sanctuary

    The home of Synchronicity. We are long-term meditators who have been living The Holistic Lifestyle™ since 1984. We welcome guests to join us and relax in a beautiful forest setting. Visitors have been enjoying rejuvenating wellness in mind, body, and spirit here for decades.

  • Blog

    Blog posts address and further illuminate topics that interest those who practice meditation and a holistic lifestyle. Our blog is another way to get familiar with what we do from the point of view of long-time High-Tech Meditators who live the Holistic Lifestyle™.

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    Synchronicity Radio

    Streaming High-Tech Meditation® Music for the mind, body, and soul. It's chill music designed for relaxation, meditation, peace and transcendence.

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    Our podcasts (now in the planning stages) are designed to inform, inspire and educate while we have fun exploring the meditator's journey and Holistic Lifestyle™.
    It's about what it means to live with awareness in all life's dimensions.

  • Synchronicity International Logo


    Synchronicity® is a global community with trained teachers and active participants all over the world. This culturally diverse group demonstrates the oneness we all share as we celebrate Unity in Diversity with meditation as the universal language.

Start Meditating

  • Transcendence Meditation Program

    Transcendence Program

    Free 10-Day Trial, High-Tech Meditation®

    A gentle hand on the path, the Transcendence Program is a unique, incremental program of daily meditation. Designed for beginners and current meditators, it utilizes precision Synchronicity® Sonic Technology to create positive changes and well-being at the deepest levels of your personality. We recommend combining it with Holistic Lifestyle™ practices for maximum benefits.

    Let your experience speak.

  • Pure Drop Meditation Program

    Pure Drop 15-Minute Meditator

    Free High-Tech Meditation® Soundtrack

    A meditation experience in just 15 minutes!

    A Pure Drop of calm for an easy meditation that leaves you feeling relaxed. Put on your headphones or earbuds, then push "Play" and listen. You'll also receive a series of informative emails on meditation.

    Experience it for yourself!

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