Meditation for Beginners

Would you like to learn how to meditate? With over 35 years of experience teaching meditation, we can get you started with a fulfilling High-Tech Meditation® practice. We provide you with helpful guidelines that clarify the techniques and experiences familiar to beginning meditators. In addition, our soundtracks make it easy for anyone to meditate.

Remaining focused in the present with what is happening Now, that's all meditation really is.

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    What Is Meditation and How Does It Work?

    First and foremost, meditation is a focusing and balancing technique. When balance increases between our subjective (internal) and objective (external) experience, our awareness expands, and all the benefits of meditation begin to unfold.

    When you sit to meditate, close your eyes and focus within. In this way, you eliminate external distractions and focus on your internal experience. A consistent meditation practice helps create a balance between your internal and external experiences.

    With increased balance through meditation, you will expand your awareness and be more present in the moment, regardless of what is happening in your life.

  • Different Types of Meditation

    People often ask us what are the best ways to meditate and the best meditation techniques for beginners?

    The best form of meditation for you is the one with which you resonate. Whether it be mantra, insight, mindfulness, or Zen techniques, they all ultimately have the same goal — balance, clarity, and ultimately transcendence of the mind.

    At Synchronicity Foundation, we teach a modern form of meditation called High-Tech Meditation®. It quickly creates a balance between the two hemispheres (sides) of the brain. The result is relaxation and more expanded states of awareness. High-Tech Meditation® allows you to efficiently experience advanced levels of meditation without all the time and effort of more traditional techniques.

    Use Synchronicity® High-Tech Meditation® alone or with another technique of your choice. It works well for both beginners and current meditators.

  • My Mind Won't Stop Thinking ... I Can't Meditate

    Over the years, we have heard it said many times, "I can't meditate!" When we ask why, the person usually replies, "My mind won't stop. I keep thinking. I can't sit still. So I don't do it."

    To clear up this confusion, you're not doing it wrong! Your mind does not need to stop thinking to meditate. If you are judging your meditation, that's all right. The meditative process contains both thinking and not thinking — watch whatever is happening. Fidgeting, no worries, stay with it. Meditate regularly, have whatever experience shows up, and watch the benefits unfold.

  • Understanding Catharsis

    We have one primary focus, which is meditation. For over three decades, we have honed and refined our technology and methodology to deliver advanced meditative states in the shortest possible time while keeping catharsis to a minimum. As we build our meditation practice, the light of awareness begins to penetrate into superconscious states while at the same time, awareness starts to conscious the unconscious.

How to Meditate

  • 1. First, find a comfortable place where you can sit without distractions for at least 15 minutes. Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing.

    2. Sit comfortably with your back upright and without back support, if physically possible. Or, if you can stay alert, then you can sit back or recline.

    3. Close your eyes and focus within. If you find you're thinking of items that will distract you, it's OK to write them down and empty your mind.

  • 4. Focus your attention: You can focus on your breathing. Watch your breath, in and out. You can repeat an affirmation (a positive statement about yourself or life). If you use affirmations, focus on feeling what it means to you. Using High-Tech Meditation®, you can focus on the music. Listen to every note. If you notice you're not listening, return your attention to the music. Alternatively, you can use any other method with which you feel comfortable.

    5. If you notice your mind thinking, that's normal. Bring your focus back to your technique. You can't meditate wrong. Allow whatever experience that happens.

    6. When you have completed your meditation session, it is a good idea to give yourself a few minutes to acclimate slowly back into the activities of your day.

    These and many more valuable tips are available with our free Pure Drop 15-Minute Meditator and accompanying Meditation Guide. 

Start Meditating

  • Transcendence Meditation Program

    Transcendence Program

    Free 10-Day Trial, High-Tech Meditation®

    A gentle hand on the path, the Synchronicity Transcendence Program® is a unique, incremental program of daily meditation. Designed for beginners and current meditators, it utilizes precision Synchronicity® Sonic Technology to create positive changes and well-being at the deepest levels of your personality. We recommend combining it with Holistic Lifestyle® practices for maximum benefits.

    Let your experience speak.

  • Pure Drop Meditation Program

    Pure Drop 15-Minute Meditator

    Free High-Tech Meditation® Soundtrack

    A meditation experience in just 15 minutes!

    A Pure Drop of calm for an easy meditation that leaves you feeling relaxed. Put on your headphones or earbuds, then push "Play" and listen. You'll also receive a series of informative emails on meditation.

    Experience it for yourself!

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