What Is Sound Technology?

High-Tech Meditation® utilizes Synchronicity® Sonic Technology to allow everyone to enjoy a precision meditation experience every time they meditate.

  • Sonic Technology

    Synchronicity® Sonic Technology uses complex entrainment patterns in conjunction with principles of phi ratio, and sacred geometry to decelerate brainwaves. This process generates a precision meditative pattern of brainwave frequencies, creating hemispheric balance, whole-brain functioning, and synchrony.

  • Alpha

    The beginning of balanced brainwave activity occurs in the Alpha frequency range, between 8-13 Hz. By looking at an individual's Alpha brainwave, production it is possible to determine whether they meditate and the length of time they've practiced meditation. The more Alpha waves that a person maintains in their normal waking state, the easier it is for them to access deeper meditative states. Alpha waves may occur when sitting or reclining with eyes closed, accompanied by:

    • Being fully awake with a sense of relaxation and focus

    • A relatively stress-free state of being
    • A mildly "altered" state of consciousness

  • Theta

    In the Theta frequency range, between 3.5-7 Hz, balanced brainwave activity increases. The Theta state corresponds to visionary, creative, and intuitive levels of experience. This state is also characterized by "inner" images and visions that correlate with increased theta activity. At this stage, the meditator is likely to experience:

    • A blissful sense of well-being plus expanding holistic awareness

    • A synchronized state of consciousness in which creativity and imagery dominate

  • Delta

    The Delta frequency range, between 0-3.5Hz, brings a level of balance that corresponds to the "beyond the mind" experience at the subtlest levels of awareness. In this range, meditators experience what is called unified consciousness (unity with all things). Deepened experiences in the Delta range generates:

    • Deep inner stillness, peace and contentment

    • A sense of timelessness
    • Happiness for no reason other than simply being alive

  • Recognitions and Transcendence Meditation Programs

    Our Meditation Programs

    Synchronicity® offers in-home, supported meditation courses utilizing theta/delta frequencies designed for beginning, current and experienced meditators. Find out about the Synchronicity Transcendence Program® and Recognitions Program

    Our research has shown that meditators who regularly use High-Tech Meditation® experience a four-fold increase in results and benefits over "low-tech" methods.

  • Buddha looking serenely into the distance

    The Zen Study: A Comparison Study of Synchronicity High-Tech Meditators With Zen Monk Meditators

    Compared to those who utilize traditional (low-tech) meditation systems, Synchronicity® meditators can experience rapid and measurable changes in their states of consciousness. The Zen Study compared brainwave patterns of Synchronicity® High-Tech Meditation® users with those produced by individuals using traditional meditation techniques.

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