We're about the personal power of balanced living. We're contributing to a better world by uplifting lives through teaching and living High-Tech Meditation® and Holistic Lifestyle®. This is a fulfilling lifestyle grounded in the Now of Being experienced as a discernable presence. We invite you to explore our offerings.   

Modern Spirituality®
Living with Balance in an Imbalanced World

  • High-Tech Meditation®

    Our High-Tech Meditation® soundtracks with Synchronicity® Sonic Technology are geared to all levels of meditation experience and are available in Alpha, Theta, and Delta frequencies. Whether you’re looking for a soundtrack for an occasional relaxing meditation or a daily program of supported personal transformation, we have the tools and methods to empower your meditation journey.

  • The Holistic Lifestyle®

    The personal power necessary to thrive comes from daily High-Tech Meditation® and cultivating the Holistic Lifestyle®. Creating balance in your physical, mental, and emotional dimensions is the key to naturally experiencing and embracing your best life. We offer online education and support through our website and social media, as well as retreats at Sanctuary Retreat Center. We love to share what we know. Balance and Wholeness deliver the Fulfillment of being human.

  • The Holistic Model of Reality

    The Synchronicity® Holistic Model of Reality is an update of thousands of years of wisdom in Eastern spiritual traditions. It provides a solid foundation for understanding the power of balance and the effectiveness of holistic wellness living.
    Stating it simply:
    There is only One Consciousness.
    Still spaciousness is your Essence.
    Be here in the Now.
    It's not an idea, it's an Experience.
    The natural way is Balance.

  • Master Charles Cannon sitting in Meditative Posture

    Our Founder

    M. C. Cannon (3/14/45 - 1/24/19), ordained Swami Vivekananda Saraswati, established Synchronicity® Foundation and Sanctuary Retreat Center in 1983. He developed High-Tech Meditation® and the Holistic Lifestyle® as an update of the ancient wisdom traditions that empowered his journey to enlightenment. This model of a Modern Spirituality® has helped transform the lives of thousands worldwide. His modernization of the meditator's path in favor of a more contemporary and easily accessible approach has made him an innovative spiritual teacher for our times.

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The Foundation

  • Julie Cowley Looking Towards the Forest

    Our Mission

    Our Mission is to educate, guide, and support the principles and practices that sustain meditation and a conscious, holistic lifestyle, making it easily accessible and empowering.

    We address the individual as a complete whole: physical, emotional, mental, social, and subtle (spiritual).

  • Master Charles Cannon Smiling

    Our Vision

    Our Vision is the upliftment of humanity by empowering balance, wholeness, and fulfillment in people's lives through sharing the study, practice, and life experience of High-Tech Meditation® and The Holistic Lifestyle®.

  • Synchronicity Sanctuary Forest in Virginia

    Our History

    Synchronicity® is a 35+ years old community of meditators. Through decades of daily meditation and holistic lifestyle practice, the community's experience has evolved to the point where expanded states of palpable holistic awareness as Being or Aware Presence are the norms. It makes us uniquely qualified to offer education and support grounded in decades of authentic experience.


We acknowledge our gratitude and fond memories of our founder, Master Charles Cannon. His authentic teaching has elevated all who listened and practiced his modern form of meditation.

Start Meditating

  • Transcendence Meditation Program

    The Transcendence Experience

    Free 10-Day Trial, High-Tech Meditation®

    A gentle hand on the path, the Synchronicity Transcendence Program® is a unique, incremental program of daily meditation. Designed for beginners and current meditators, it utilizes precision Synchronicity® Sonic Technology to create positive changes and well-being at the deepest levels of your personality. We recommend combining it with Holistic Lifestyle® practices for maximum benefits.

    Let your experience speak.

  • Pure Drop Meditation Program

    Pure Drop 15-Minute Meditator

    Free High-Tech Meditation® Soundtrack

    A meditation experience in just 15 minutes!

    A Pure Drop of calm for an easy meditation that leaves you feeling relaxed. Put on your headphones or earbuds, then push "Play" and listen. You'll also receive a series of informative emails on meditation.

    Experience it for yourself!

Recognitions High-Tech Meditation

  • Our Most Advanced Program for Dedicated Meditators

    Are you ready to join us at the leading edge of the High-Tech Meditation® experience?  

    Our flagship Recognitions Program combines science & the ancient art of meditation to deliver a profound and in-depth meditation experience.

    If you are serious about meditation and ready to enjoy its benefits at the deepest levels, this program is for you.

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