The Holistic Lifestyle®

Simple & Powerful Tips for Living Well

Imagine living a life you absolutely love, a genuine holistic lifestyle.
Picture your days filled with warmth, abundance, and generosity of spirit.
Balance is the key to achieving this level of holistic living. And The Holistic Lifestyle® is the pathway to balance.

Here's how it works.

  • Subtle, Emotional, Mental and Physical Dimensions

    Find Your Pathway to Holistic Living

    Begin by exploring your three primary dimensions: your physical body, emotions, and thoughts or mind. Each can be experienced on a continuum from negative to positive.

      • In the physical dimension, being inactive and living a couch potato lifestyle represents the negative side. On the positive side, it's all about regular exercise, feeling full of energy, and eating a healthy diet.
      • The emotional dimension ranges from negative feelings like fear, worry, anger, and frustration to constantly flowing positive feelings like love, happiness, kindness, and gratitude.
      • In the mental dimension, the negative polarity is characterized by scattered, repetitive, and troubled thinking (sometimes called the monkey mind). At the same time, the positive polarity looks like calmness and freedom from anxiety.
  • A Holistic Approach to Finding Balance

    How do we find balance in these three primary dimensions?

    In our everyday lives, we often lean towards the negative or fear-based side.

    To bring balance, we need to focus on the positive side of each dimension.

    Start with meditation, the most powerful balancing tool of all.

    • It relaxes your body, immediately reducing stress.
    • It helps your brain generate more positive thoughts.
    • It brings emotional balance because it feels good.

    Beyond meditation are other powerful tools that can support and enhance meditation’s impact on your body, emotions, and mind.

  • Representation of the Physical Dimension

    How to Balance Your Body

    Physical Dimension - If your body is imbalanced, you lack the energy and vitality to enjoy life fully. Even meditation can become a struggle.

    To bring balance, focus on eating a healthy diet that suits your body, practicing breathwork, and engaging in regular aerobic exercise.

  • Representation of the Emotional Dimension

    How to Balance Your Emotions

    Emotional Dimension - When you are imbalanced in your emotions, you feel unsupported and unloved. Flowing positive, love-based feelings, like gratitude, is one way to emphasize the positive polarity and create emotional balance.

    Another approach is to embrace the present moment, saying "yes" to whatever comes your way, regardless of whether you judge it as good or bad.

  • Representation of the Mental Dimension

    How to Balance Your Mind

    Mental Dimension - In the mental dimension, negativity takes the form of dwelling on past traumas or worrying about the future.

    The positive side involves staying calm and observing your thoughts without getting caught up in the chaos around you.

    To achieve mental balance, start by being aware of your thoughts and then redirect them with positive and truthful statements (affirmations).

  • Representation of the Subtle Dimension

    Find the Gateway to Fulfillment

    Subtle Dimension - When you find balance in the three primary dimensions, something extraordinary happens. Now you go beyond your thoughts and enter the subtle dimension, the gateway to a more fulfilling life.

    The subtle dimension exists beyond the three lower ones. It is marked by inner stillness, harmony, and balance. The three lower dimensions continue to exist there but in their highest state of harmony.

    You create wholeness when you bring balance to your physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Balance allows the subtle dimensions to open up and lets you transcend the limitations of human experience.

    Now you can:

    • Experience peace, well-being, gratitude, support, and love.
    • Find lasting fulfillment.
    • Engage in the joyful experience of Aware Presence or unified consciousness that underlies everything.

    "The nature of reality is eternal delight, which is its essential expression." M.C. Cannon

Start Meditating

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    Let your experience speak.

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