The Holistic Lifestyle™

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience."

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

It is about living a life you thrive in with warmth and generosity of spirit. Balance is the key. Bringing consistent balance to the physical, mental, and emotional dimensions naturally and organically will open you to higher consciousness or wholeness. In essence, you are Being.

The Holistic Lifestyle™ is a practice, a developed skill that becomes a reality by living it.

  • Subtle, Emotional, Mental and Physical Dimensions

    If we view each of the dimensions as a continuum of polarities from positive to negative, the usual (default) position is negative. To achieve balance, you must emphasize the positive side. Wellness and mindfulness practices are techniques. Daily meditation is your primary balancing practice. High-Tech Meditation® helps create an environment that increases the balance in all three dimensions. It balances the brain to encourage more positive thoughts, balances the body by relaxing the physiology (immediately reducing stress), and elicits emotional balance because it feels good. Additionally, there are more ways to create balance. In general terms:

    • Physical: healthy eating, exercise, breathe

    • Emotional: flow positivity, say “yes” to this moment
    • Mental: observe thinking and affirm truthful, positive thoughts
    • Subtle, Transcendent: cultivate a witnessing Presence with daily meditation

  • Representation of the Physical Dimension

    In the physical dimension, negative polarity imbalance may look like inactivity or lethargy compared to the positive end of the spectrum, where we find movement and dynamism. When we are imbalanced, we lack the energy and vitality to enjoy life to the fullest, and even meditation can become a struggle. A balanced diet and regular aerobic exercise are the primary means of emphasizing positive polarity.

  • Representation of the Emotional Dimension

    Within the emotional dimension, negative polarity imbalance is felt by the dominance of fear (worry, anxiety, anger, frustration, impatience, negative judgment) over love (satisfaction, calm, happiness, kindness, patience, consideration). When we are imbalanced in this dimension, we cannot experience our lives as supported and loving. Flowing positive, love-based feelings, like gratitude, is one way to emphasize the positive polarity and create balance in the emotional dimension.

  • Representation of the Mental Dimension

    In the mental dimension, the positive polarity is sensed as calm and the capacity to watch thoughts. The default negative polarity is characterized by being engrossed in thinking; undirected, repetitive, troubled, and reactive thinking (monkey mind). We also experience imbalance when we find ourselves suffering over events from the past or stressing about the future. Observing the functioning of thought and directing the mind with positive, truthful statements are methods for increasing positive polarity. The resultant balance allows us to move beyond thoughts into the subtle dimension. It's time to observe being possessed by thinking and have freedom by embracing Being.

  • Representation of the Subtle Dimension

    The subtle dimension is marked by inner-stillness, harmony, and balance. It is the dimension in which the streams of the three lower bodies continue to exist as discrete entities but find their highest point of perfection in the subtle dimensions. When such balance occurs on the physical, emotional, and mental dimensions generating wholeness (transcendence), the subtle dimensions open, human experience is transcendent, and there is fulfillment. A perception of peace, flowing, well-being, gratitude, support, and love permeates, and one participates tangibly in the pleasurable experience of Aware Presence or unified consciousness that underlies all.

    "The nature of reality is eternal delight, which is its essential expression."

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  • Transcendence Meditation Program

    Transcendence Program

    Free 10-Day Trial, High-Tech Meditation®

    A gentle hand on the path, the Transcendence Program is a unique, incremental program of daily meditation. Designed for beginners and current meditators, it utilizes precision Synchronicity® Sonic Technology to create positive changes and well-being at the deepest levels of your personality. We recommend combining it with Holistic Lifestyle™ practices for maximum benefits.

    Let your experience speak.

  • Pure Drop Meditation Program

    Pure Drop 15-Minute Meditator

    Free High-Tech Meditation® Soundtrack

    A meditation experience in just 15 minutes!

    A Pure Drop of calm for an easy meditation that leaves you feeling relaxed. Put on your headphones or earbuds, then push "Play" and listen. You'll also receive a series of informative emails on meditation.

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