Transcendence Program

Modern life can be stressful and, at times, overwhelming. Balance life out with resilience, productivity, and happiness using the Transcendence Program. If you're starting as a beginning meditator or currently meditating and are interested in personal growth and enjoying the benefits of regular daily High-Tech Meditation®, choose the path of transcendence.

Create Positive, Permanent
Change in Your Life

  • Transcendence Meditation Program

    Program Details

    The Transcendence Program is the perfect in-home program for beginning and current meditators. It is an easy, year-long, incremental program of daily High-Tech Meditation® designed to create positive change at the deepest levels of your personality. The program is in four three-month phases. Each phase consists of a 30-minute meditation soundtrack and weekly emails that support your practice and understanding of meditation and The Holistic Lifestyle™. You can start with regular meditations of as little as ten minutes and then increase the length. Creating a new habit of consistent daily practice offers ongoing benefits, such as:

    • Relaxing and Relieving Stress and Anxiety

    • Improving Concentration and Productivity
    • Increasing Emotional Balance
    • Enhancing Creative Thinking
    • Improving Health and Wellbeing
    • Improved Quality of Life

  • Young Man Meditating with Earbuds

    Modern Meditation for Today

    The Transcendence Program contains a complex audio track embedded with precise Synchronicity® Sonic Technology. You hear peaceful music composed for meditation or gentle ocean waves, but there is a lot more going on under the surface. This Sonic Technology entrains brain waves toward the pattern of long-term meditators in record time. This is the meditator's journey to wholeness and wellbeing. We're a community of long-term meditators, so if you have questions, want feedback or support, contact us. 

  • Deep Meditations … as Easy as Pressing Play

    To experience a deep, precision meditation with the Transcendence Program simply, press Play! It’s as simple as that. No need to fight with your mind or body to experience meditation — let Synchronicity® Sonic Technology do the work for you. Just relax, close your eyes, listen and experience precision meditation.

  • Zen Monk with electrodes on his head

    Meditate Like a Seasoned Zen Monk

    Synchronicity’s research has proven that regular use of our Sonic Technology decelerates brainwave activities, enhancing experience ranging from light relaxation to deep transcendental meditation. The Transcendence Program enables a profound meditative experience much sooner than classical, traditional meditation systems can provide. Synchronicity® Sonic Technology accelerates the benefits of meditation through precision by a factor of four … that’s a four-fold increase.

  • Young Woman Meditating with Headphones on Couch

    Music that Meditates You

    Transcendence: Thirty-minute musical High-Tech Meditation® soundtracks. The four soundtracks of the Transcendence Program phases gently move you into deepening meditative states through whole brain synchronization and entrainment. We've continually refined Sonic Technology for decades and have proven it works with thousands of people.

  • The Holistic Model

    The Synchronicity Holistic Model of Reality is an update derived from thousands of years of wisdom in Eastern spiritual traditions. It provides a solid foundation for understanding the power of balance and the effectiveness of holistic living.
    Stating it simply:
    There is only One Consciousness.
    Still spaciousness is your Essence.
    Be here in the Now.
    It's not an idea it's an Experience.
    The natural way is Balance.

  • The Holistic Lifestyle

    The personal power necessary to thrive comes from daily High-Tech Meditation® and cultivating The Holistic Lifestyle™. Creating balance in your physical, mental, and emotional dimensions is the key to naturally experiencing and embracing your best life. We offer online education and support through our website and social media, as well as retreats at The Sanctuary. We love to share what we know. Balance and Wholeness are the Fulfillment of being human.

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