Master Charles Cannon

Master Charles Cannon
Synchronicity Foundation for Modern Spirituality

Living in the Digital Age
Harnessing Technology for the Evolution of Consciousness

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 Master Charles Cannon is the originator of Modern Spirituality and a pioneer in the applications of technology to enhance the evolution of human consciousness. He delivers a living spirituality relevant to our times that awakens us to our source and unveils the experience of true holistic reality as one blissful consciousness.

He is also a modern mystic who lives and speaks the truth which is often iconoclastic and controversial. If you are guru-phobic and mired in the status quo of enculturated illusory dogmas... this is not a platform for you. If however you are a lover of the timeless truth in its most radical modern expression… you are most welcome.

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Retreats with
Master Charles Cannon

Experience the Empowering Presence of a Master Spiritual Teacher.

The New Year Empowerment Retreat

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Meditate the Modern Way

Learn About and Experience High-Tech Meditation.

High-Tech Meditation
Benefits of Meditation
How to Meditate
Meditation for Beginners

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Synchronicity Foundation for Modern Spirituality is a Non-Profit Educational Organization

Master Charles Cannon's charitable endeavors also include the following non-profit organizations:

One Life Alliance

Dove Foundation