7D Audio - Sound from the Seventh Dimension: CD or Digital Download

7D Audio - Sound from the Seventh Dimension: CD or Digital Download

This unique and powerful soundtrack is designed to amplify positive energy and transmute negative energy, significantly contributing to a more balanced person or space when used with headphones or speakers. It harmonizes and balances the chaotic negative energetic frequencies from electro-smog, electronic appliances, power sources, WIFI, personal electronics, the electricity running through your home, etc., while balancing and amplifying your energy field and raising the positive vibration in a space.

This soundtrack can be played very quietly. Many people prefer to leave it playing constantly in a space at a barely audible volume.

Available by CD or digital download. The download version of the soundtrack is in a high-quality, lossless format. Upon purchase, download the zip file, unzip it, and then transfer it to any mobile device.

Uses Include:

Fill a large space with 7D energy creating a major positive energy boost, and significantly reducing the negative effects of electro-smog.

In your car, home, office, meditation room, classroom, or when working with clients in any healing or well-being context.

In a greenhouse or plant nursery to boost the growth and health of plants.

In a space filled with electronic devices, machinery, or other large concentrations of negative energy or electro-smog.

In any space where trauma has occurred, or that needs to be cleared of negative energy.