7D Office Package

7D Office Package


  • Use the Office Package to transmute toxic, negative energy in your environment to positive energy that is good for you, even as you use your personal electronics which are otherwise harmful.
  • It creates a “Force-field” around you using your own energy that automatically transmutes negative energy and electro-smog (the accumulation of multiple toxic electro-magnetic influences).
  • It’s like being plugged into an amplifier that strengthens your body’s energy field by creating your own subtle immune system.

3 large discs (6” diameter) for computer, monitor, surge protector/power strip

  • The discs are so powerful they not only transmute your electronics' negative output, but converts it into positive outcomes instead.
  • With any device that uses a power cord, put the disks as close to the power supply as possible. This means putting or taping a disc over or near where the power cord enters the device. Discs can be placed underneath power strips or surge protectors.

1 chair mat (18” square)

  • Radically amplifies positive energy and significantly increases your balance and focus at work. Can be used anywhere you sit.
  • How to Use: Just place the 7D pad on your chair.