The Holistic Lifestyle

Daily sessions of High-Tech Meditation are essential to maintain the kind of balance we need to live a happy and fulfilled life. However, for best results, it helps to support our High-Tech Meditation practice with a lifestyle designed to maintain balance throughout the rest of the day. The Synchronicity Holistic Lifestyle addresses the three primary dimensions of body, emotions and mind and incorporates diet, exercise, and life-affirmative tools to promote positive emotions and thoughts. When we add the Holistic Lifestyle to our daily High-Tech Meditation practice, our reward is joy and fulfillment 24/7.

Physical Dimension

Each of the dimensions is expressed on a continuum from positive to negative, with balance right in the middle. The default position, where most people find themselves, is towards the negative end and is called negative polarity imbalance. This means to achieve balance we must emphasize the non-dominant positive polarity.

In the case of the physical dimension, negative polarity imbalance may look like inactivity or lethargy compared to the positive end of the spectrum where we find movement and dynamism.  When we are imbalanced in the physical dimension, we lack the energy and vitality to enjoy life to the fullest and even meditation can become a struggle. Balanced diet and regular, aerobic exercise are the primary means of emphasizing the non-dominant positive polarity. By focusing on the positive, we move away from the default negative position towards physical dimensional balance.

Emotional Dimension

Within the emotional dimension, negative polarity imbalance is marked by the dominance of fear over the positive polarity, love. When we are imbalanced in this dimension, we are unable to feel ourselves or our relationships as supportive and loving, impeding our ability to experience the joy of life. Flowing positive, love-based feeling is the primary way to emphasize the non-dominant positive polarity and create balance in the emotional dimension.

Mental Dimension

Within the mental dimension, the positive polarity is expressed as stillness while the default negative polarity imbalance is marked by the dominance of undirected thinking. We express negative polarity imbalance in the mental dimension when we find ourselves agonizing over events from the past or living in an illusory future.

In the mental dimension, directing the mind with truthful statements is the primary means of emphasizing the non-dominant positive polarity. The resultant balance is the basis of stillness and the ability to move beyond the mind into the subtle dimensions is marked by detached observation or witness consciousness.

Subtle Dimension

When we move beyond the mind we are in the subtle dimension, the first level of what is called universal rather than individual consciousness. This is also the first of the dimensions where we experience the relative polarities in a state of balance.

With balance, we can be more detached from events happening in our lives and can witness them without being invested in the outcome. This kind of detachment, often called witness consciousness, comes with an awareness that is less fragmented and more holistic. The achievement of witness consciousness is considered a hallmark in the meditator's journey and is also understood as the point at which true meditation (or stillness in duration), begins.