High-Tech Meditation

Synchronicity High-Tech Meditation was created by Master Charles Cannon and is being practiced by thousands of meditators world-wide for over thirty-five years.  It provides a novel way to achieve balance, wholeness and fulfillment in a fast-paced Western lifestyle.


Designed to be practiced on a daily basis, High-Tech Meditation utilizes Synchronicity Sonic technology (Holodynamics) to give individuals the opportunity to enjoy a precision meditation experience every time they meditate.

Synchronicity Sonic technology utilizes comprehensive brain-wave entrainment technology combined with the energy frequencies of sacred geometry.  It is the leading-edge of entrainment technologies designed to enhance the evolution of human consciousness.

The technology is available in the form of Alpha, Theta and Delta CDs (and downloads) that literally "meditate you," while they:

  • Buffer out intruding, distracting sounds;
  • Balance the two sides of your brain;
  • Entrain a meditative brainwave pattern;
  • Provide a consistent environment that enables a precision meditation experience every time.

High Tech Meditation Soundtracks - Meditate the Modern Way

Light Meditation Alpha - Theta Light Meditation
Alpha - Theta

Over 20 beautiful meditation soundtracks available in CDs and Downloadable Soundtracks deliver precision High-Tech Meditation technology.

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Deep Meditation Recognitions ProgramDeep Meditation - Delta
Recognitions Program

Recognitions is an at-home program of inspiration, education and High-Tech Meditation for actualizing modern spiritual experience in daily life.

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Proceeds from sales go to benefit the Non-Profit Synchronicity Foundation

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Why High-Tech Meditation?

Traditional methods of meditation worked when life was slow, quiet and simple. Today's high-tech, busy, noisy world makes it much more difficult to sit in peaceful contemplation. The many environmental factors beyond the meditator's control create a frustrating inconsistency in meditation experience.


Energetic environmental pollution and stress caused by television, computers, and microwaves as well as a world population of over 7.6 billion people, ever-increasing in conflict and dysfunction, all directly impact the human energy field, creating imbalance and making traditional methods used to experience stillness and expand holistic awareness – trademarks of authentic meditation - largely ineffective.

Fortunately, Synchronicity's High-Tech Meditation harmonizes the chaotic energies that otherwise impede the meditative process. In addition, High-Tech Meditation requires no religious belief system or adaptation of the cultural conditioning often associated with traditional systems.

Research on Synchronicity meditators finds that:

  • Because Holodynamic technology eliminates the many problems inherent in using traditional techniques in this modern age, High-Tech meditators are more consistent with a daily practice.
  • Meditators who regularly use High-Tech Meditation experience a four-fold increase in results over "low-tech" methods. *

Quotes about High-Tech Meditation

Los Angeles Times

Master Charles' work is on the cutting edge…these soundtracks allow people to quickly experience the benefits of long-term meditation. 
- Los Angeles Times

Body, Mind and Spirit

Master Charles' Synchronicity Contemporary Meditation Soundtracks combine science with the ancient art of meditation…I found them to have an immediate effect, both calming and expanding, from the very first moment of hearing them…of all the meditation soundtracks I have listened to over the last few years, I have never experienced any that delivered this particular noticeable effect so quickly.
- Carol Kramer, Editor
Body, Mind and Spirit

CBS Morning Show

These soundtracks meditate you.
- CBS Morning Show

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Light Meditation Alpha - Theta Light Meditation
Alpha - Theta

Over 20 beautiful meditation soundtracks available in CDs and Downloadable Soundtracks deliver precision High-Tech Meditation technology.

Listen to samples and Purchase

Deep Meditation Recognitions ProgramDeep Meditation - Delta
Recognitions Program

Recognitions is an at-home program of inspiration, education and High-Tech Meditation for actualizing modern spiritual experience in daily life.

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Understanding Brainwaves

High-Tech Meditation works with all four brainwave frequencies -- Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta -- each of which correlates with specific states of consciousness. The one-of-a-kind "Brain Monitor" developed by Synchronicity Foundation's research team enables reliable measurement of actual brainwave changes over time.


Beta brainwave frequencies occur in the range from 14 - 24 Hz, and correspond to the typical "busy mind" experience common to most of us. The Beta frequency range is characterized by a chaotic, fragmented, imbalanced thinking typical of left brain dominance, commonly referred to as the "monkey mind."


Meditating-Person-400The beginning of balanced brainwave activity occurs in the Alpha frequency range, between 8 -13 Hz. Alpha brain-waves are very often produced in bursts (trains of waves) or pulses (single waves), but experienced meditators tend to produce continuous trains of alpha waves. By looking at an individual's alpha brainwave production, it is possible to determine not only whether they are a meditator but also the length of time they have been practicing meditation. The more alpha waves that a person is able to produce in ordinary states of consciousness, the easier it is for them to access deeper meditative states. Alpha waves may occur when you are sitting or reclining with your eyes closed, and you may experience:

  • Being vividly awake with a sense of relaxation and focus;
  • A relatively stress-free and euphoric state of being;
  • A mildly "altered" state of consciousness.


In the Theta frequency range, between 3.5 - 7 Hz, balanced brainwave activity increases. The Theta state corresponds to the experience of visionary, creative and intuitive levels of experience. It is characterized by "inner" images and visions that correlate with increased theta activity. At this stage, the meditator is likely to experience:

  • A blissful sense of well-being plus expanding holistic awareness.
  • A synchronized state of consciousness in which creativity and imagery dominate.


The Delta frequency range, between 0 -3.5Hz, brings a level of balance that corresponds to the "beyond the mind" experience at the subtlest levels of meditative awareness possible. This is the range in which meditators experience what is called unified consciousness (unity with all things). Deepened experience in the Delta range generates:

  • Deep peace and contentment;
  • A sense of timelessness;
  • Happiness for no reason other than simply being alive.

Synchronicity offers an at-home meditation correspondence course called The Recognitions Program which utilizes the Delta level of Sonic entrainment technology.


The Recognitions Program - Delta Level


Recognitions is an at-home program of inspiration, education and High-Tech Meditation for actualizing modern spiritual experience in daily life.

The most expansive level of Synchronicity digital technology is only available in the Recognitions Program. This is the leading-edge of the High-Tech Meditation experience.

Because of its impact, facilitation is required and included – the support and guidance of an experienced and qualified coach – which is an integral part of the Recognitions Program.

The Recognitions Program also provides inspiration and education in the philosophic principles of modern spirituality which support the experience of living the Holistic Lifestyle and Meditating the High-Tech Way.

The Recognitions Program is modern spirituality in the digital age. It is the harnessing of technology for the evolution of consciousness.


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The Zen Study*

A Comparison Study of Synchronicity High-Tech Meditators
With Zen Monk Meditators


Compared to those who utilize traditional, orthodox (low-tech) systems of meditation, Synchronicity meditators have been found to experience rapid and measurable changes in their states of consciousness. These results are based on studies comparing brainwave patterns of Synchronicity High-Tech Meditation users with those produced by individuals using traditional meditation systems.

There are a number of documented cases based on groups of meditators using classical methods of meditation. A study of the Dalai Lama's attendants (roughly twenty monks), was conducted during the early seventies. More recently, Tomio Hirai reported on a study of forty Zen monks in the book Zen Meditation and Psychotherapy.

High-Tech Meditation is like a Turtle on RocketThese studies represent the very best results that can be expected from classical meditative disciplines, as these individuals were totally immersed in the contemplative lifestyle. Even residents at the Synchronicity Sanctuary do not have the fully structured, meditative lifestyle of cloistered monks. Further, most participants in the Synchronicity Recognitions Program live everyday lives in cities, work normal jobs, and raise families ... not at all what one would define as a contemplative lifestyle.



The results of the two studies of classical meditators revealed that:

  • Beginners with five years or less meditative experience consistently produced mid- to high-frequency alpha waves (10 to 12 Hz.).
  • Moderately experienced meditators (ten to twenty years' experience) produced low frequency alpha (7 to 9 Hz.).
  • Very experienced meditators (twenty to forty years' experience) consistently produced theta frequencies in the 5 to 6 Hz. range. An interesting aside is that the experimenters made no mention of Delta (0.5 to 3.5 Hz.), long considered to be the most notable sign of an expanded state typical of enlightening beings.

Research on participants in the Synchronicity Recognitions Program showed the following:

  • Most Recognitions beginners produced Alpha brain waves at 11 or 12 Hz, consistent with patterns demonstrated by novice Buddhist monks.
  • More experienced Recognitions meditators experienced shifts in their Alpha brainwave patterns, the peaks becoming lower in frequency, larger in amplitude, and more persistent in time.
  • With even more experience, Recognitions meditators experienced more Theta and developed Delta. Right/left symmetry improved, reflecting the bliss as well as the "clearing" often experienced by meditators, a measure of the equilibration experienced at the time of the measurement.

The following Brain Monitor graphs are typical of our findings. These include both residents of the Synchronicity Sanctuary and non-resident participants in The Recognitions Program. None has more than seven years experience with Synchronicity High-Tech Meditation, yet they continually demonstrate brainwave patterns consistent with advanced meditators (twenty years' or more experience) in the Buddhist monk studies. Thus, they empirically validate the fact that Synchronicity High-Tech Meditation represents a four-fold acceleration factor over classical methods of meditation.

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Read what participants from all over the world have to say:

I love the recognitions program as it is working on me from several different levels! I learn more about myself and am growing through working the various components I study every month! Meditation is very deep and transforming! I started in March of this year and can definitely know I have changed! - Desmond Clark

My whole life was turned around when I met MC. I had taken time out from work and was pretty depressed, but one day I heard a tape a friend was playing and it entrained me into a meditative state - and while I was eating lunch! When I inquired about the music I discovered MC and as soon as I could arrange it I was on the Recognition program. Subsequently, I found myself in good health and back studying at University. Words cannot express my gratitude to MC for the support and encouragement he has given me over the years. - Phyl Graham

I am on Recognitions - Phase Three and although I am not really noticing anything special during my meditations, I notice that at times out of the blue I seem to be in a transcendent or translucent state of mind. At that time, it seems that nothing in my outer world is real or of any importance. There is a moment of inner laughter and joy. - IB 

I was listening to the meditation soundtrack, while at the same time mentally reciting a mantra. All of a sudden, it was like a veil lifted, and the world utterly disappeared. There were no forms, bodies, or anything, only formless clarity and infinite Consciousness. When I finally came back to awareness of my body, I realized that I had been perfectly still for nearly three hours, almost as though my body locked in place during this time. I am not even sure if I was breathing! What I do know is that for weeks after I experienced a spiritual elation and the world seemed pervaded with sweetness. Everything is different now. - SB  

The Recognitions Program is for anyone who wants to earnestly follow the path of meditation. This is not for those who only want to lower their blood pressure, although meditation can help with that. Recognitions is for the person that wishes to realize the benefits that come from daily practice of meditation and a balancing life style. My experience over the years and continuing today is that this meditation program works! It greatly assists me in going far into the fruits of meditation in a much shorter time frame than traditional non-technological meditation. I highly recommend the Recognitions Program! - CC

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