Collaborations - The Becoming of Being

Collaborations - The Becoming of Being

Theta Meditation Soundtracks

The Becoming of Being … Celebrating the Sacred Feminine features M. C. Cannon and Patrick Bernard. The focus is the Sacred Feminine (God as Mother) archetype in human experience.

The Sacred Feminine is represented in all wisdom traditions and religions. Five representations have been selected for this album. Their prayers and mantras have been woven into the meditative music as archetypal codes.

The music and voice of Patrick Bernard is sublimely ethereal and conveys the subtle beauty of the Sacred Feminine archetype. M. C. Cannon has precisely woven Synchronicity® Sonic Technology into this Sacred Feminine tapestry, rendering it experientially holistic. The result is a most subtle experience of wholeness and oneness, the unification in consciousness that is the hallmark of the Sacred Feminine archetype.

This soundtrack can be used for quiet meditation with headphones or as environmental music over speakers to create a peaceful and meditative ambiance.

These meditation-music soundtracks enable anyone to quickly have a meditative experience. Theta technology creates a deeper meditative state experienced as peacefulness, profound relaxation and stillness in the mind.

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