Support Our Mission

Your gifts are a way for you to participate in keeping Synchronicity® alive and thriving.

Our part is to teach a balanced, holistic and fulfilling lifestyle and provide a sacred space where visitors can directly experience the benefits of all that we offer here.

After 40 years of living a meditative Holistic Lifestyle, our vision and intention for the upliftment of people is clear. Our commitment is deeply grounded in gratitude and a strong belief in a mission to give back.

We rely, in part, on your support to fund:

Free Offerings – Continue to provide and expand our free offerings.

Outreach – Connecting with anyone who sees a benefit utilizing digital platforms to website improvements while maintaining all the systems which make our offerings available worldwide.

Expanding Offerings - Creation of new programming and retreat initiatives that are engaging so you always have something to look forward to.

Community - Increasing the ways we can provide you with online experiences of a positive empowering community so you can create and maintain a fulfilling life and we can deliver what you're asking for.

Staffing - To bring onto the team additional members with specific skill sets for expansion and growth to serve you and our worldwide audience.

Sanctuary – Maintenance and upgrades to the beautiful and serene Sanctuary Retreat Center that is shared with a world in need of a haven for peace and renewal.