7D Apartment Package

7D Apartment Package


These tools will, once installed, amplify off of each other and create a positive, harmonious environment that supports you.

WiFi routers are designed to throw a huge, negative energy field all over your apartment. The large 7D disk conducts positive energy utilizing that same field, thus blanketing the space with positive energy, while transmuting the negative aspects of the WiFi frequency. The disc is so powerful that, like all 7D technology®, it can actually make your WiFi router signal good for you.

Water heaters and water pipes are often made of copper and thus very conductive. The copper Magic Wand, when attached to your water pipes, will conduct and flow positive energy through your pipes and water system, thus transmuting negative energy while vitalizing and energizing your water. When the 7D vibration is introduced to water even for a few seconds, the resultant energy field will remain potent there even after being boiled in a microwave.

Much like the WiFi router principle, when utilized through speakers, 7D technology® can be used to great amplifying effect. Sound is one of the most impactful of environmental energies and playing the 7D soundtrack softly in the background in a room will radically enhance the positive energy via sound and vibration that reaches every corner of the space, impacting everything.

This is a very effective way to transmute negative energy (like electro-smog) in a large space, especially when used in conjunction with large discs on the main circuit breaker (if it is available).

3 large discs (6” diameter) for electronics: 1 for WiFi router; 2 on power strips/surge protectors

  • With any device that uses a power cord, put the disks as close to the power supply as possible. This means putting or taping a disc over or near where the power cord enters the device.
  • If the device uses batteries, put the disc as close to the battery as possible. On a phone this is usually the bottom half on the backside.
  • Place or tape a disc under or on the side of WiFi routers and under power strips.
1 large disk (6” diameter) for the bedroom mattress
  • How to Use: put the disk under the mattress where you sleep.
2 Copper Magic Wands for water heater and water pipes
  • How to Use: zip-tie magic wands to the main hot and cold water pipes in your home or space.
1 digital 7D soundtrack
  • How to Use: play the soundtrack throughout as much of the home or space as possible;
  • A barely audible volume level is enough for the 7D energy to do its job effectively;
  • The soundtrack can be used via headphones and is a very effective way to use 7D technology® on a personal level.