7D Copper Men's Warm Up Jogger Pants, Charcoal Heather

7D Copper Men's Warm Up Jogger Pants, Charcoal Heather

Since this form of technology is wearable, the 7D field it creates acts like an amplifier to your energy field. It enlarges and amplifies your aura. It greatly enhances your ability to transmute any form of negative energy or emotions, including electro-smog, while bringing the signature smooth, calming, expanding, opiating 7D experience.

Reasons to wear 7D technology:

We have received tremendous feedback from people with mercury amalgam teeth fillings who wear or carry some type of 7D technology at all times. These fillings are known to cause significant harm and degradation to your energy field. But with 7D technology, the negative effects can not only transmuted, but the fillings can actually become positive energy antennas and amplify the 7D effects.

Any circumstances that require energetic protection. Working with clients, working in a negative space of any kind. 

If you are sensitive to cell phones, Wi-Fi signals, or any other form of electro-smog or concentrated negative energy.

When doing any work that involves touching another person to assist in transformation, healing, or energy protection for both practitioner and client. 

Anyone with a chronic injury, illness, or compromised immune system. Anyone experiencing anxiety, depression, or blocked energy or emotions.   All of these circumstances can potentially benefit from 7D technology.

Copper fit is a lifestyle brand dedicated to delivering the latest technologies, fabrics, and products designed to help improve performance, support joints and muscles, and aid in recovery from everyday stresses and strains. We are committed to providing clothing and gear for those with active lifestyles and in pursuit of wellness. Each product is infused with copper to help reduce odor. Copper fit. Live limitless. 52% Rayon, 42% Polyester, 6% Spandex Imported Pull On closure Machine Wash Copper Infused and Odor Reducing Relaxed fit at waist, hips and quads gives your body space to breathe Signature copper draw cord customizes waistband fit for comfort Side pockets designed to hold your essentials Color: Charcoal Heather