Awakening From The American Dream

Awakening From The American Dream


This book from M. C. Cannon with Will Wilkinson, is more than a book. It's a spiritual alarm clock.

"This book covers both the spiritual and the practical, with simple, compelling instructions for personal and global transformation."
- Marci Shimoff, NY Times bestselling author of Happy for No Reason and Love for No Reason.

While pundits debate which leader—if any—might make the "Dream" work, increasing numbers of intelligent people are awakening to the fact that dreams are dreams and can never be reality.

The book illuminates fraudulent thinking in 12 specific areas of modern life, where myths of success still prevail, regardless of the facts of failure. The authors offer practical alternatives for re-imagining and actualizing a future that works for everyone.

"Wake up!" they say, proposing that we abandon the "American Dream" in favor of reality based on individual responsibility.

Chapter by chapter, they provide guidance through three stages of awakening, with tools and processes that are easy to use and immediately effective, for individuals and for a more humane and spiritually-sane society.

From Chapter 20: "You do not need a middleman to connect with God, unless you believe yourself to be separate from Him, Her, It. In fact, if your heart is beating, you are irrevocably one with God! To believe otherwise is to make something of yourself separate from source, and that's the real blasphemy!"